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Double Dog Music

Music by Helen Simmins-McMillin

The following examples are in mp3 format unless otherwise noted. You may need to download an mp3 player to hear them. If you do, my links page should help you find one. If you need an mp3 player and use a Mac, try MacAmp or iTunes. If you don't have a Mac, I'll forgive you, but you'll have to go here (or here, if you haven't tried iTunes yet) to get a player. Which one you pick is up to you.

If you've got a slow connection, be warned: some of these files take a while to download. Go get yourself a drink and a chocolate chip cookie, if necessary.

New from 'If':
Opening Credits from 'If' (2.9 MB)
Showdown (4.5 MB)
She Won't Listen (1.1 MB)
Hunted (1.3 MB)
Trip to Talk (1 MB)
Revelations (2.7 MB)
Josh's Dreams (1.7 MB)

Music for dramas:
Sail A Strange Sea (884 kB)
A View from a Hill* (1.2 MB)
Clairee's theme (1.7 MB)
Fight It Out* (1.5 MB)
A Sailor's Lament (1.5 MB)

Themes from "Break A Leg" * (2.4 MB)
A Cruel Beginning* (1 MB)
Warm and Wet and Full of Life* (2.4 MB)
Lying in Wait
(1.2 MB)
After the Battle* (977 kB)

Romantic comedy:
Main Theme for 'The Foot Man' (882 kB)
A Sad Goodbye (630 kB)
Bruno and Jack Talk (441 kB)
Lover's Play (441 kB)

Stuff with a beat:
Crashing to Earth (1 MB)
Jungle Run* (1.7 MB)
Escape* (662 kB)
Night Drive* (2 MB)
Together Again* (1 MB)
Wild and Free* (864 kB)
Time Bomb* (1.7 MB)
Here and Now* (944 kB)

The American Sound:
Appalachia (1.4 MB)
A Prayer for the Prairie (860 kB)
Fanfare for a New America (1 MB)
Pups at Play (2.1 MB)

Music for comedies:
Selling God (932 kB)
Guns 'n Dolls (1 MB)
March from 'Father Xmas' (688 kB)
Eat This Scene (725 kB)

Music for children:
Round and Round (1 MB)
Wonder (1.1 MB)
Wonderland Railroad Crossing (172 kB)

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Legal stuff:
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© Helen Simmins-McMillin
All rights reserved. Music is posted here for demonstration purposes only.
Translation of legal stuff:
You can listen to it all you want, and hopefully you'll enjoy it.
But if you even try to make money off of it, well, then we're gonna hire lawyers.


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