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Below are a few links that I hope you might find useful.

Music links:

Harmony Central Musicians with gear questions should look here. Reviews, tons of links, news. Updated daily.
Pro Audio Marketplace A monthly resource for selling and buying used gear. Subscription based. I highly recommend it.
Mark of the Unicorn These guys put out my software of choice for music sequencing, Digital Perfomer, some of my hardware, and a whole lot more. Also, a web site that's done really well. Fast, informative, and intuitive.
Motu-Mac Unicornation. An unofficial, but helpful site for and by users of Mark of the Unicorn software.
The Horn Players Resource Pages 'Cause I grew up playing the french horn, and I've never seen it listed elsewhere.

Here are some helpful film music links:

The Society of Composers and Lyricists Good group to join if you're a composer or lyricist. They also have a wonderful internship program that I highly recommend.
ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. A performing rights organization, which means these are some of the folks who collect and distribute royalties for music in film and TV.
BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated, another performing rights organization.
SESAC Yet another performing rights organization, just this one won't tell you what its acronym means.
AFM/RMA Wage Scale Summeries Wanna know how much that AFofM orchestra will cost 'ya? Get out your calculator, 'cause the info's all here.

And a few film links:

IFP West Independant Feature Project West. Need to meet people involved with independant film? Here's the place.
Women In Film The name says it.
IMDB The Internet Movie DataBase THE internet reference for who did what film with whom and when.
The Hollywood Reporter News, news, news.

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